I Am Worthy of Love

I don’t need to be afraid or fearful…..these feelings are derived from the idea that I don’t deserve happiness and contentment..

I can rest assured even if I fall down, I can get up, dust myself off and move forward because of the simple fact that I deserve, no I am worthy of living a happy and healthy life, filled with people who I can love and they can love me in return.

So in the matter of finding a partner, if or when I am rejected, this is ok. They are simply doing me the favor of letting me know they are not the right choice for me, that is it. There is no need for fear of rejection or shame. If you a worthy of love and attention, which all of us are, then these fears are cancelled out automatically.

If you care for someone then tell them. There is no need to hide your true feelings. Let them be known. Because the only person who can truly reject you is yourself.