Why you should try

Why should you try.  You should try because your time on this planet is not infinite.  You should try to show to yourself that you can.  You should try so that you grow as a person, strive to step outside your comfort zone, and become the individual you were always meant to be.

This is what encapsulates ever dream, and goal.  Putting in the effort to just try.   Try something that you have already failed at before. Try drawing again, or try riding a bike that you fell off of many times before.  Trying is what separates the people who never accomplish their goals, and the ones who do.

Trying can be correlated with perseverance, and persistence, too.  All three have something in common.  They all involve the human trait, courage.   You will need to have some level of courage to keep on trying, when things don’t go your way.  You will need to persist, and persevere, if the goal is important to you.

When you try because you have an authentic interest in a subject or field, when you know what your “Why” is in relation to your goal, you can make great strides and persevere far longer than someone who is not quite sure of why they are pursuing a set goal.

So, again, just try.  You can try for your loved ones, or try for your boss, but above all else, try for yourself.  Because in the end, this is the one person that you let down the most when you give up on your dreams.