If you are miserable change, don’t settle

If you are miserable in your life, first acknowledge it, and then work to change it. Do you believe you are worthy of living a happier life? What is the toll it is taking on you mentally and physically to stay stuck in the situation you are in.

Fear of change and failing can be a deterrent but all you will be embarking on is a journey of exploration where failure is not a liability but a necessity. Explore and experiment to find out what you want to do and what lights you up.

You don’t need to stay stuck, you are feeling stuck because you won’t take the action needed to move yourself onto a different path.

There really is no excuse to staying stuck. Its uncomfortable and aggravating, I get it. You have to ask yourself, if this was a friend of yours what would you say to them? Possibly, “You are worthy of so much more”? Do you feel that you are worthy of living a more meaning, purposeful life? If the answer is “no”, then this is where you need to start changing your mindset.

And another thing, thoughts and ideas will help clarify what changes you want to make, but without action, they mean little to nothing. Pick a path, experiment and most importantly, TAKE ACTION! Without taking action, you will never move the needle.

You deserve a more joyful life. You are miserable. Don’t settle!

Fear of Learning

I have had a deep fear of learning, ever since I can remember.  Actually, it is a deeper fear than that.  I also fear taking chances. I fear visiting a new restaurant to reading a new book.

I believe my deep seated fear lies in the chance that I will be made a fool, or shamed in some way.   That I will never be competent in the task at hand.

From my past history, as a child, I felt that I could never truly please my father or meet his lofty expectations.  To avert these feelings of shame and inadequacy, I would just not try.  Problem solved.

I found that if I did not try, I could avoid my father’s critiques, for the most part. Unfortunately, this mindset has followed me into adulthood, and it has had a tremendous affect on the trajectory of my life.

My career or lack there of has languished for years now.  I have come to the conclusion that I am afraid of trying because I feel that I am not competent to do the task.  Funny, since in order to be competent at something, you first have to put in the time and effort to master the skill.

This just leaves me in an endless loop of never fully committing to anything, because of this aversion.  Why does it seem that the majority can push through this cognitive block, and I cannot. I don’t think I fully comprehended how much of an affect it has had on my life and career.

I guess what I am saying is that I am not very conscious or self aware.  It is blind spot that I have dealt with my whole life.  How can I be so blind to the fact that I have been running all these years in place.  I want to be more proactive, and take charge of my life.

I don’t want to languish any longer in a dead end job.  What can I do right now that will get me in a better position in life?  It would best to speak to a career counselor or advisor?  Probably.

Maybe, I am not alone.  I would guess there are others out there that have been on auto pilot in their careers, or just life in general, too?  I am wondering how they have pulled themselves out of this ditch.   

If you care comment, if you have been in the same situation, please do.  I would be curious to what you have to say.