Branching out and being uncomfortable, why bother?!

I recently took a new job as a Customer Success Manager. This role entails me reaching out to clients, building a rapport with them so that the products and services that they purchased don’t go to waste. It is also my job to have the pulse of the customer and make darn sure that the account does not churn.

Here is the thing, I have always been introverted my whole life. I have been on the timid side for my better years too. Before this role I worked on the technical side, behind a computer and when speaking with customers, I would usually never make much effort to make small talk. I never enjoyed it. I lived in my little shell, and I was okay with it.

So why would you think I would put myself in such an awkward position later in my life? The answer lies in the fact that I wanted to expand my horizons, to branch out and get outside of my comfort zone. And, boy did I. I have never felt more like a fish out of water than in this position.

I can see why others might avoid situations like this. Feeling uncomfortable is, well uncomfortable. It is human nature to gravitate to the safe and known path. Otherwise we would risk being injured or possibly expend additional energy that we might need later on.

However, life is about growth. If you are not growing, then your life becomes stagnant. Sure, some would say this isn’t true, but if the body and mind is not kept in motion and challenged, it declines. Muscles atrophy and brain functions decline.

In order to live a more meaningful and joyful life, inject more meaning into your life. I see this more in my future than ever. I want to make more connections with others the older I get. In order to do this, I will need to work on my social skills, hence the new position.

Early on during the pandemic when I was craving social connection, I signed up for a number of online meetup groups. One such website is It is free to join and there are so many groups with a wide range of topics to choose from. You don’t even have to turn on your camera when in the meetup sessions, however it is highly encouraged.

I am going to continue to reach out and make social connections with others. I was avoidant of doing so in the past, however, as I gradually become more social, I have realized how much of a joyful experience it is.