It is hard to forgive.  When you forgive, you are in a way forgiving yourself and the other party for their transgressions against you.  But true forgiveness seems to be so far out of reach.  To truly forgive, one must consciously know deep down the extent of the damage inflicted upon their unconscious soul.

To truly forgive, it is almost if you have to be fully self aware of where the cancer is inside your body.  If you cut out 95% of the tumor, the other 5% will cause the cancer to spread, again. To fully, whole heartedly forgive, it seems that you have to be a very self aware individual.  I like to think I am mindful, but I know deep down this is not very true.  I know I have many unconscious thoughts and beliefs, even though I have been practicing meditation for a number of years now.

How do you fully forgive someone.  Maybe, with concentrated mental focus, someone can commit to forgiveness for a particular action, and by sheer concentration, and persistence, extricate the burden from their body.  I don’t think true forgiveness is for the weak of heart. It takes commitment, and sound determination.

I’m talking about forgiveness related to the big things in life.  Emotional abuse, cheating, betrayal.  There are far greater abuses that some are able to offer up forgiveness for, but I won’t go there.

I guess the one thing that I learned about forgiveness, is that you don’t forgive so much for the other party but rather to save yourself the burden and torment of carrying around hurtful memories of the past.

To forgive is to actively provide hope that you have a brighter future.  Forgiveness provides you with a chance for a new beginning.  Forgiveness instills in you a sense of internal power, that you are in charge of your destiny, and how you ultimately feel. The other party has no power over how you live your life anymore, or how respond.

But, again, forgiveness is tough.  Anyone can say the words “I forgive”, but behind those simple words, a lot conscious deliberate thought, action, and personal growth have to present for it to come true.