The dark days are here, again.

It always seems to catch up to me, surprising me every year.  The inky darkness of Fall which stealthily creeps into our lives, unannounced.  Not long ago the sun didn’t set till late evening, and now almost suddenly, by early evening the light is slowing fading away.

I guess this could symbolize time in general, in our lives.  How we take for granted how precious it is to us, and under estimate how quickly it passes.  No matter how many years pass by me, I am still amazed at how quickly time passes.

I don’t mind the darkness. Actually, I prefer it for the most part to Summer.  Fall and Winter feel like a cold, quiet security blanket for my consciousness.  It envelops my soul, insulating me from the outside world.

I enjoy how time seems to slow down during these seasons.  The birds quiet down, the trees lose their leaves,  and silence fills the empty space, like a vacuum.

Some of my favorite holidays occur during this time.  Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.  Fall leaves, Jack O Lanterns, turkey and stuffing. What is there not to love? The New Year ushers in the sense and hope of new beginnings.

After Fall and Winter pass, Spring will arrive, and then Summer.  Summer will pass, and Fall will be here, once again. We are all caught in a finite loop, as the world turns and circles the sun. At least until we meet our untimely end.

Life runs in cycles. Right now, I am just along for the ride.

Winter is Coming

It is that time of year, where the days having gotten colder and the temperature begins to drop below sixty degrees on a steady basis.  Time has a way of alluding me, and most likely everyone else.  One day it is summer and the next day it seems that Fall is suddenly upon us.

Don’t get me wrong, I like Fall.   Fall conjures up the feeling of rebirth; new beginnings. I need to feel that about now.  Fall also brings the sense of isolation, and loneliness, and slumber.  All aspects of life seem to quiet down in Fall.  The birds chirp less, the leaves depart from the trees, the ground becomes solid, with the oncoming cold weather.

You might ask where I am going with this, and I would likely reply, “I don’t know”. It’s dark outside, and I am now wishing it was Summer again.  I am not ready for Fall,  I need one or two more months of Summer, and then I will be ready…but that, of course, will not be happening. Like all things in life, you can’t always get what you want.