Do More of What Makes You Happy

“Do more of what makes you happy”. This pertains in your personal and work life. Yes, this is easier said than done. Since we were children we were conditioned to please our parents in order to receive love. For many of us our natural intuition was hampered or gaslit. Instead of following our gut, we first looked outside ourselves and asked “What would my parents want me to do?”.

For many this continues on till the end of their lives. For the lucky few, possibly through therapy or self exploration they come to the realization that the reason they are so miserable in their adult life is the fact they are not living authentically. They are in fact living a life they believed others other than themselves wanted them to lead.

Getting to the route of this problem is first being conscious enough to realize that you are living an inauthentic life. Do you wake up in the morning and not want to get out of bed because the job you go to drags you down every day? In your daily activities do you feel that you are going against the grain? Do me a favor, and when you have these feelings, stop and question why you feel this way. To lead a happier life, what you pursue and who you communicate with whether it be family or friends, there is a need for a happy balance.

Happiness is very important to leading a fulfilling life. If you are unhappy, question what areas of your life are causing you stress and come to an understanding exactly why this is.

Once you conscious that you are unhappy, and you will need to explore what alternatives there are to allowing you to live a more authentic happier life. If after many years you have come to realize the career you have is not what you wanted all along but in fact what your parents wanted for you, start exploring what other areas or subjects interest you. What activities did you partake in as a child that would spark your curiosity and make you excited?

The last step to living an authentic life is to take ACTION! Without action, all you have are thoughts and ideas rolling around in your head. Reach out to others and online who are interested in what you are exploring. If needed go see a career counselor, or a therapist if you believe deeper self exploration is required. Without taking action nothing will change. I know it is scary, but the alternative is that you will stay stuck in an unfulfilling life forever.

I am in the same boat as you. I too am paddling upstream, but I think it gets better the more you practice self change. Best of luck to you!