Why Are We Here Anyways?

I was just having this thought today while perusing the news headlines. Mankind is such a mess it seems, no matter what day it is. Man is such a slothen, deceptive, manipulative, evil mistake it seems on this overpopulated and overwhelmed planet. What is the purpose of all of this. Just some random mistake slowly winding its way to the end of its life, while holding this planet’s other inhabitants hostage slowly poising and killing them in the process.

Ok ok maybe I am taking it to far…but probably not. I don’t think it is a good enough reason to live just so you can eat, shit, fuck and sleep. There has got to be more than this in life. For mankind to rise above their fragile egos and make the world a better place, people on a large scale will need to have the drive to aspire for more.

Maybe this is a futile request. Maybe I am asking too much of the majority. Most humans are just trying to get by in life. They have neither the energy or the willpower to contribute their extra energy to a cause. Possibly, I am thinking about this the wrong way. Someone who is not monetarily rich can still contribute to the world in a positive manner just by the way they interact with others.

How one individual treats others, can have a far ranging ripple effect. So what am I really asking here? I am asking how each individual can contribute more to the well being of others and the world as a whole. This fundamental shift doesn’t need to occur at a governmental level, it can occur at a grass roots level too.

Will the ever growing global warming crisis spur such a change within our society? Will we see a large scale environmental change where society as a whole comes together to combat the injustices that mankind has inflicted on mother earth? I don’t know.

Mankind is selfish, short sighted, with a fragile ego. This type of thinking has benefited him for thousands of years. Consequences be damned for the bad decisions made today, we can deal with the after effects tomorrow. Well, fortunately or unfortunately the bill has come due and now it is time to pay the piper.

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