Life at corporate is like taking a shit

Working in a corporate job is similar to taking a shit. It is a necessity to follow through, but in the end there is no glamor or esteem or purpose gleaned from most of it.   Some like a shit a lot.  They go through life taking regular shits, and with smiles on their faces when they flush their turd down the drain.

I would rather do something more meaningful and unconventional with my life than take regular bathroom breaks.  It’s all too conventional and boring.  Who gives a fuck at the end of the day if Bill from sales closes the deal.  I get it, it helps putting food on the table, but living an unconscious life will kill your spirit, and lead to a sad life.  But we are told this is how the game is played.  Who told you that you have to play the game.  It takes courage, curiosity and insight to question the game to begin with.


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