Strive to be more creative

What is creativity? The dictionary defines it as “the use of the imagination or original ideas, especially in the production of an artistic work”. I ask this question because it feels like I have lost my ability to be creative.  They say that creativity is like a muscle, you have to flex it in order for it to be developed.

For the better part of my life, it seems that I have purposefully shunned my creative nature. I have avoided using creativity to possibly make my life more enjoyable and express who I truly am.

Like all children, I grew up liking to draw and create. It seems this is a natural proclivity for all small children. Throughout middle school and high school, I drew and art class was by far my favorite subject.  High school like for many introverted, shy individuals, it was not very kind to me. Though, I had some friends, I never felt like I truly belonged.

After high school, I stopped drawing for the most part.  I took an art class at a local community college, but besides that I never really pursued an other creative courses.

Here I am today, working to define who I truly am.  The key areas of interest to me that keep coming up are: Writing, drawing, and designing. The common theme it seems among these areas of interest is that imagination and creativity play a big part in all of them.

The jobs that I have held in the present and past have all relied heavily on analytical thinking. None of my past jobs have been tied to creativity.  When I look back on my past, I believe my authentic path would have been to become a graphic designer or a counselor.  I struggle to imagine myself finding a path to get into either field, currently.

Since my youth, I was never an avid writer.  Only recently have I had an interest in picking up a pen and put words down on paper. I find that expressing myself in writing alleviates some of the cognitive burden I sometimes feel that wells up in my mind.  I try to fill out one page per day, expressing the current thoughts that run through my mind. It helps.

Designing, I have not studied up on too much.  I have a knack for noticing details, if I pay close attention to my environment.  My senses are more my achilles heel than my strength, though. When stressed, I tend to overlook the details.  This can bring me much frustration and consternation.  I love color and shape. I marvel at the lines and structural features of a car or the curves of a woman’s body.

I have a need to express myself creatively.  To let it to continue to wither on the vine, as I slowly get older doesn’t feel like an option anymore.  The world is too bland and boring to continue on the same emotionless path that I have been taking.  I want to set on my own path, and anyone be damned to question that I should stick to a more standard, safe route.

If you are not growing, then you are definitely dying.  The life that you want will not just fall in your lap, you will need to work to make it come a reality. I plan on working to make my life filled with more creativity and joy.



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