Take the day off

I have prized myself on being the most productive on the weekend. I enjoy writing out a laundry list of chores of what I want to get accomplished over the weekend: dishes, laundry, groceries, writing, learning..etc.

Yesterday, I had the novel idea of putting aside my tasks, and just enjoying the day. Granted, I still went to the gym, but it was still in the purpose of letting the day unwind unabated.

I don’t think I am alone to justify relaxing for one day out of the week. What bothered me was that I felt guilty that I was not being as productive as I usually am. What thought which bothered even me more was questioning if the tasks that I usually performed were even of any real value.  Was I being busy just to feel like I was accomplishing something with my life?

Not all work is created equal.  I can spend an hour rearranging my closet, but is that more important than speaking to a close family member, who I haven’t spoken to in a while, over the phone?

Always being on and productive is a disease that has been spurred on in American culture.  It seems that companies strive to increase worker productivity, without the slightest hint of remorse of what the increasing stress and urgency has on their employees.

So,  I took a “lazy” day off from my usual productive routine.  Actually, I wouldn’t call it “lazy” at all,  I would rather justify it as stepping back from the out of control lifestyle that so many Americans have unconsciously accepted as routine.

So, maybe try it yourself, if you feel you are in the same boat as me.  Are you scrambling on weekends to fill up an imaginary checklist of subpar accomplishments like me?

Question why you are doing this, and ask yourself, can all those tasks can be put aside for a day so that you can relax, read a book, and even maybe take a nap?

I am curious how this break in routine, for one day, affects your mental health.

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