Is it too late?

I travelled up to the community college that I had gone to so many years ago, yesterday.  It was eerie and bitter sweet to revisit the college that I had spent many days in my youth.

The transfer advisor that I had been hoping to speak with was not in the office, however, though, his assistant was. Youthful and kind, she did not have much knowledge or experience; because of this she was unable to assist me.

I plan on heading back up to the college in the coming days. college transfer advisors are elusive creatures. Always in meeting or taking a medical leave of absence. I just want to figure out if my credits are worth anything anymore.

It seems like the college institutions operate a lot like the government, or even large hospitals. They operate on their own time, and by their own standards, almost like they are stuck in a time warp. I would much rather see all college classes shift online. The cost of tuition should decrease dramatically.

In this day and age, you don’t need to be in the same classroom as the teacher to learn. Make it easier on everyone and allow students to connect remotely. Stop the madness, please!

Well, getting back to my original thought, I am in the process of figuring out how I can possibly cobble together a bachelors degree over the next few years.   This will take a lot more planning.  I don’t want to take a lot of classes just to get a piece of paper, and realize that it was all for nothing.

This is what I am trying to do more of, strategically plan ahead.  I have always just blindly run into things. My intuition would validate the thought that I was having at the time I had it and that would usually be enough for me to pursue my goal.  I don’t see that as the most prudent route anymore.  You have to look farther down the road and weigh more variables to get a better understanding if you are truly making the right decision.

Oh well, it could be worse.  I could be addicted to drugs.  Haha,  I bring this up because this is the exact thing my dad said to me numerous times.  He reads the news way too much and I guess there are a ton of articles highlighting the heroin epidemic in America.  Hey, misery sells so I can’t blame them for writing what people want to read.  Not me, though.  I have mostly stopped reading and watching the news.  It’s really not news anymore.   I got better shit to do with my time,  like trying to resurrect my career and figuring out how to go back to school!

Like I said,  life can be a lot worse.  I complain about not have a secure future, but there are so many in life that have it much worse than me.   It is important for me to acknowledge that I am lucky, and that I should be grateful for what I have.

So, in short, I continue to plod along. Not unlike a little cork in the middle of the ocean, I make my way slowly along the currents of life.



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