Never Settle!

The amount of friction that I have felt in my current job role has sapped me emotionally, and physically. However,  I have a tendency to muscle through obstacles when the going gets tough.  I persevere.

I had somewhat of an epiphany, this morning, or understanding of exactly what I was doing.  I was settling.   Settling for a mundane life, where I never want to get up and go to a job where I feel out of place and where my true skills, I feel, are not being used.

To me, this is a wasted life, and potential. To settle, and not fully comprehend how much of an emotional drain it has been on me.  Feeling like I am dragging a fifty pound weight behind me, on a daily basis.

I do know why I continue on like this.  It is because the answer to my solution, is not completely clear, and I fear change.  This is no excuse for me not to actively explore how possibly I can pull myself out of this mess, and create a life and career that is more meaningful and authentic to me.

I don’t want to settle anymore.  life is way too short to settle.  To settle, you give up on so much of your life’s potential. To settle, you automatically push away and shutter any dreams that you have for your future self.

The enemy of settling is dreaming.  Dream about what you would like to truly do.  Dream for the sake of just dreaming.  In today’s world, it seems that practicality has taken the place of dreaming.

Dreaming harnesses the energy of a creative mind.  Instead of being practical, dare to dream about what you want to accomplish and attain in life.  All great ideas and accomplishments start out as a dream.

If you too are in a position in your life where you feel that you want to make a change but it seems that your feet are encased in a cement block, reach out for help.  Speak to someone about what you are wrestling with.  I believe that only when we are able to drag our problems out into the light, will we get a better understanding and perspective on how to address them.

Until next time, keep dreaming!

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